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Todo el mundo
Santiago Chasseing
Consuelo Chasseing, Andres Maier, Tomás Beverina, Carla Dángelo, Guadalupe Fassi, Nicolás Cugiani, Renata Cugiani, Gonzalo Borrás
How will we live in cities in 100 years' time? ​ In one hundred year from now, machines and social evolution will have cover basic goods leaving us with no need of working for survival. But even in today’s most developed countries, technology and social evolution haven’t solved loneliness and isolation problems. We live in a world full of conexions, but still, we feel completely disconnected. We believe Big Life will be about true connection with each other by shifting the paradigm on the way we live, and Small Footprint will be about aiding and empowering the planet by our daily habits. Homeless, is the living of the future. Homes will no longer exist as we are used to, instead, we are going to be granted the right to inhabit the world in mini personal spaces located in shared use platforms. We will be able to choose the platform we want to live in, wherever we want and for the time we want according to the match between our own interests and needs and those of the community. The mini space is as important as the shared platform it belongs to. It will fulfill every individual essential needs and will be emotionally connected to the resident. It will be a fully customizable and interactive space controlled only by the holder. The shared platform is the scenario where people will fulfill their potential through community, technology and flexibility. It is the place where people is going to spend most of their time contributing to their self-realization and happiness. This new way of living also goes along with the optimization of personal energy, time and space and contributes for the development of new interests once and again. Homeless is a new system that could be in any place and context, such as in a building 600 ft high or on an earth level block. The system admits multiples resolutions depending mostly on the location and the people interested. It changes and reshapes according to the uses needed and with the incorporation of every technology and social discovery. Homeless is evolution.
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